RTI's Executive Leadership Team

Executive Leadership

Experienced executives committed to our mission

RTI is led by an accomplished group of senior executives who represent a cross-section of our research fields and business operations. These leaders implement our business strategy and oversee operations for our global enterprise.

Executive Leadership

E. Wayne Holden, PhD

President and CEO, RTI International

James J. Gibson

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Tim J. Gabel

Executive Vice President, Social, Statistical, and Environmental Sciences

Paul Weisenfeld

Executive Vice President, International Development

Terri L. Lomax

Executive Vice President, Discovery-Science-Technology

Allen W. Mangel

Executive Vice President, RTI Health Solutions

Michael H. Kaelin Jr.

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Aaron S. Williams

Executive Vice President, Government Relations and Corporate Communications

Lisa May

Executive Vice President, Human Resources

G. Edward Story

Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary